OOTD 7/1/14

Top: Primark
Skirt: Missguided
                    Boots: Topshop                    

Yesterday was a quite relaxed day as I'm still ill and I'd pulled every muscle in my body putting my furniture up. The only productive thing I did was buy a new phone. I switched networks as well as I've had a nightmare for years with my network provider trying to get signal, and my iPhone 4S had the worst battery life. When I got a train home, if I listened to music as well, the battery would be gone after 2 hours. So I decided to get an iPhone 5C in white as I'm far too dull to get any adventurous colours and I'm obsessed with white currently. I'm kind of not loving my new phone yet. You know in Harry Potter where like wizards feel familiar to there wands and some they don't. Well its like that. I don't quite feel bonded with my new phone. I've restored it with everything from my old phone but it doesn't quite feel the same yet. Maybe once I've used it a bit more.
 I made sure I had a proper clear out though, contacts, pictures, unused apps, annoying music. So now its all cleansed. I bought Beyonce's new album as well and have sat watching the videos in absolute awe this morning. Highly recommend its purchase if you haven't already.


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