OOTD 6/1/14

Jacket: Primark
Necklace & Top: Topshop
Leggings: River Island
Boots: Topshop

So on Monday it was mine and my boyfriend's year anniversary and we went to Sticky Walnut in Hoole for amazing food and then to The Suburbs (also in Hoole) afterwards for cocktails was such a lovely chilled night. I had planned to wear something a lot more extravagant but then I decided I wanted to just go more casual. I think that's a huge thing that's changed about my style over the past year. If I was going out I would wear skyscraper heels and a glamorous dress. But now I feel so much more comfortable wearing something a bit more like leggings and a nice top. New Years was the first time in ages I dressed up a little more glam.
I also began taking up one of my non-new years resolutions and I bought and put up some new furniture I bought this coffee table and this wardrobe, both in white as I'm obsessed with white at the moment. I pulled every muscle in my body putting them together but was extremely proud once they were up. Probably going to get a few more things over the next few weeks, there are so many sales on at the moment that its hard to resist. I've actually spent more on furniture recently than I have on clothes. Shops are going through that annoying sales transitiony period. I don't want to buy sale items but they're usually a load of crap and because they are filled with sale items there's barely anything decent about. 
The next item of furniture I want to get is a nice dressing table. I've always wanted one of those glamorous white old fashioned tables and that would fit in with the decor of my room, hat boxes etc. I'm currently eyeing up this one also from ikea, I proper want a boudoir esque room.

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