I really like tv. Like proper like it. Growing up tv and I were great pals. I'm pretty sure I learnt more from The Simpsons than I ever did from any teacher. And when I was 14 I used to get teased because I'd developed a slight American twang even though I've still never stepped foot there or really been around anyone who is American. It was just due to watching so many American shows.

When I was 4, my favourite shows weren't Tots TV or whatever kids watched then but I liked One Foot in the Grave and I used to stay up late to watch Friends. Much to my parents disgust when I started asking them what a vagina was because I'd heard Ross say it in one of the episodes. 
I always was a little bit grown up before my time, although I was partial to Rainbow and Sooty and Sweep but my favourite characters were mostly the adults.

Tv is still something I'm very much in love with. I would much rather watch a tv episode or a boxset over a film and I'd prefer a night in watching tv over going out and being sociable. Boring, I know but I like what I like and I'm cool with that.

Last year I didn't really have a working tv and I lived in a house with the worst wifi imaginable so I stopped watching tv series but since I moved last April and I got Sky+ I've let many new tv shows into my life. When I like a show, it tends to go one of two ways; I get into it straight away, watch every episode going. Think it's amazing, then it gets cancelled (Happy Endings, The New Normal). Or I find a series when it's already been airing for a couple of years or it's actually finished (Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl, Game of Thrones). 
New favourite show and the whole point of this pointless post is a HBO show called Girls which is now on its third season in America. So once again I'm very current. It's written and stars Lena Dunham who is just a genius. Instead of showing New York in a Sex and The City (yep I started watching it after it'd finished) glam way, it shows it in a very realistic not fashionable but still kinda cool way and aimed at girls my age. Just finishing Uni/College dealing with awkward relationships and figuring out what the hell to do with life. Probably not me right now as I have it slightly together these days but when it began airing it probably would have related to me a lot more. But I can laugh at it more now ...probably.


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