OOTD 6/12/13

Dress and Boots: Primark
Necklace and Lipstick (Trigger): Topshop

1. All the cheese a gal could want 2. New Xmas jumper (Primark)
3. Xmas meal at work 4. His and Hers

Nothing makes you appreciate time off like working 9 days straight. I've literally spent every second of the day just thinking I'm so glad I'm not in work right now. Today I completed my Christmas shopping I wandered into town for some of it but then just decided to go home and online shop the rest. I have a new found love for Amazon, I literally have bought everything off there and now am just waiting for the last two bits to turn up. After that I've just literally chilled in my Christmas jumper with all my festive candles lit. The one that smells of gingerbread is still my fave. I literally love winter so much, the smells, the food, the mulled wine. I even love the cold. I love knitwear and being wrapped up and snug. Its just my favourite season... till the snow hits. I do not like snow. Snow=Ice= Hannah falling over a lot. Yes I just referred to myself in the third person.


  1. I love your dress it's so pretty :-) xxx


  2. Amazing dress.... lovely print!

  3. You look very sweet and your work load sounds like something that must be followed with a lot of play time. :) You absolutely deserve it. x


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