Gifts for him

Boys are ridiculously hard to by for. The men in my life particularly. My boyfriend has expensive taste, my dad only ever asks for slippers and says he'd rather we save our money than buy him stuff and my nephew has everything a little boy could want. I also have two brothers in law to buy for, one I know quite well, one I don't. So buying gifts this year was super hard. Luckily for me a lot of the online retails shops have made it extremely easy to Christmas shop this year catering to all sorts of budget. Here are a couple of my favourite picks.

1. 1001 Albums 2013/2014 book Urban Outfitters- My dad is a total music geek and has a couple of these types of books. Their great coffee table kind of gifts. I think the best gifts for Christmas are interactive type of ones. Yeah clothes and money is amazing but on Christmas all my best memories are when I got my gameboy or my laptop and spent the day playing on my new game or setting up my computer. Books are the same. Spend the morning looking over them and reading them.

2. Black Canvas Bag TOPMAN- If you have someone you're not really sure what to buy them but you're obliged to buy them something. Washbag/wallets are kind of easy and something that you don't really need to know their personal taste. Sometimes buying bath/shower products can be a little risky so a nice washbag is perfect.

3. How to Speak Wookie Book ASOS- This is the perfect gift for any Star Wars geek. Again its something that you could read over on Christmas day

4. Stuff Every Man Should Know Book ASOS

1.  Black Lambswool Touch Screen Gloves TOPMAN- These gloves are the perfect Christmas gift only £14 and can be used on touch screen phones which is my biggest pet peeve about wearing gloves, I always have to take them off to use my phone. Amazing.

2. Earphone Splitter TOPMAN- This acts as a phone stand and earphone splitter so you can share your music with another person. Perfect stocking filler and only £7

3. Babyliss for Men 7107U Precision Beard Trimmer Amazon- This is only £10 and something every guy needs but never seem to own. The perfect secret santa gift

4. Green Black Twist Boot Socks TOPMAN- What guy doesn't need socks. TOPMAN have such a lovely variety as well.

And if in doubt get a shower gel set from Boots 


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