Favourite moments of 2013

Finally making it official: My year kicked off with the boy I'd liked for months coming to stay and we finally made it all official. 

Getting my 1st house: Some people dream of becoming famous, some of being a doctor. I dreamed of having my own place. It's been everything I hoped it would. I've not always lived in the nicest places and since I was 18, I've not stayed in the same house for more than 8/9 months. I've now been in mine about that time and I've never been happier.

London: going to London for a couple of nights away was amazing. I love the capital, I completely fell in love with it and looked into moving there for about 3 weeks afterwards. Going back again this week just for the day with the gals and guys from work. Very excited.

My 23rd birthday: Got my beautiful Michael Kors watch which barely leaves my wrist and just had an amazing chilled birthday.

Nephews 1st birthday: I saw my beautiful little nephew turn 1, he's grown so much this last year, it's crazy. From being a grumpy little baby to being able to walk, slightly talk and communicate. 

Devon with the family: Earlier in the year I went away to Devon with the family which was so lovely. Haven't had a proper family holiday in ages was the first time we'd all lived under the same roof for about 6/7 years. Hopefully we'll do one again in 2014

Getting kittens: I love cats. I'm not even sorry. Their my favourite animals and growing up I always had one. At one point we had 8. So when I finally got my first house immediately I wanted kittens. We got Mowgli and Baloo in April and their so loving. Pains in the asses, but my absolute favourites. 

Blog happenings: new followers, being asked to do amazing opportunities by companies and getting more page views. Makes me one very happy lady.

Everything else in between.

Happy New Year!