Decembers Primark Haul

Dress £8, Shoes £6 (sale)
 I braved Primark on a Saturday for the first time ever, and last. Literally everyone was out buying their Christmas presents and I could barely move. Makes me so glad I online shop.
 I couldn't resist buying some early Christmas presents for myself. This dress is my favourite item I purchased. It was £8 and the perfect winter floral dress that will last till spring/summer. I also bought some smart shoes. All the heels I own are ridiculously high so I wanted something that I could wear in the day time. I've been wearing a lot of boots with heels on lately and I feel so much more graceful wearing heels than flats. I also bought some more smart trousers, wanted some in another colour than black but I love the paisley print on them. These boots were probably the pricest thing I've bought from Primark. £18 anywhere else is cheap but in Primark its deemed expensive. I was so impressed with the other boots I bought from there I decided to get another pair.
Trousers £12  , Boots £18