Christmas day

If you didn't notice. Yesterday was CHRISTMAS. I literally got so excited for it that I couldn't sleep the night before Christmas Eve. So on Christmas eve I decided to get tipsy with the guys from work. I got home at like 3 and woke up very fragile on Christmas but I fell straight to sleep, so that's all that matters. Despite that we still woke up really early on Christmas day. It was just me and the boyfriend, as my family live 3 hours away and getting home was impractical but we did go see his family for a little while which was lovely. Other than that the day itself was really chilled out, all we watched was Harry Potter and we both tried to incorporate both our little traditions. My little haul of gifts is in the picture above, my favourite gift was my polar onesie from Topshop which I've not taken off since I got it (other than going to work this morning).
Also there's an OOTD of what I wore Christmas day, a lovely dress from River Island that my boyfriend gave me. I wore white all day (including cooking) and didn't get a drop on me. I was extremely impressed with myself.