Catch up Snaps

Today my family came up and we mooched around town and ate out lots and gave them all my presents to take back. My sister gave me the loveliest little home made hot chocolate pack shaped like a reindeer. So adorable. As well as all my Christmas gifts from the family. After they left I was very tempted to open them all just to cheer myself up, but I resisted.
Was so sad to seem them leave again. Its so hard living away from home sometimes and this will be my first Christmas away from home so its super hard but I wouldn't change where I live for the world. If I could convince them to move up here, that would be amazing!

1. Snowman cupcakes 2.Lunch with the fam 3. Homemade gifts 4. Sister sister

5. Green tea 6. Grill's Ice Cream Sundae 7. Apple and Candy 8. Mulled Wine