Ways To Self Love This Week

1. Read a book that feeds your soul
Whether its Harry Potter or a thriller or a self help book. Emerge yourself in something that excites you and makes you forget about the world whilst you read it. I have a few suggestions here.
2. Be alone
We're constantly surrounded by people in some form. Even when we're home alone we're texting friends or stalking someone online. Take some time to truly be alone. Maybe go for a walk with no electronics or a extra long hot shower/bath.
3. Write down all the things you're proud of
We often beat ourselves up for the things we didn't do so great like I constantly will remember that time when I was 7 and I forgot to take my little sister trick or treating so she didn't go. Or that time I was mean to a kid and said I didn't want to go to his party cause all the popular girls in school convinced me to. We rarely have moments where we look at back what we've achieved and how far we've come. Take five minutes this week just …

5 Steps To More Luscious Legs

Now that summer is here, you’re probably feeling the urge to bare those legs more often. However, there will be some women out there that may feel more shame in showing their shins. Whilst you shouldn’t ever feel afraid to let those legs out, here are few measures that you can take to give you that extra boost of confidence.  
Do away with dead skin
Scaly legs can not only feel rough, but create patchiness whenever you apply any other product to them. Various body balms can be bought to help get rid of this scaliness. By rubbing the balm on your legs before having a shower and then rinsing off, you’ll scrub away all the dead skin and be left with smooth exfoliated legs. Moisturisers can also help to counteract dryness, especially on knees.
Step up your shaving method
Summer may bring on the need to shave those legs more often. Whilst you may be ok with an ordinary razor, there are specialist razors out there that may be better suited for getting into all the contours and ridding your legs…

June's Favourites

Its obviously now well into July and this post is very late, I apologise.
 I had it drafted about a week ago but then life got in the way. When I used to say that, I meant work but now I actually mean life. I mentioned in my update post here, that I recently went from working full time in hospitality to working a 9-5 Mon-Fri and I genuinely feel like after 5 years, I've got my life back. 

I will never take for granted a weekend or an evening off or a early night or a 40 hour week or not being screamed at for doing your job. I have the utmost respect for anyone who works in hospitality. Its one of the hardest, most stressful, most unrewarding jobs a person can have. The hours are unsociable, the pay is ok (depending where you work) and the people are assholes. What makes it and made me stay so long are the incredible people you work with and how fun it can be. But for me, it just got to that time where it was just too much on my personal life and my physical and mental health. Now I&…

6 Professional Makeup Tips to Learn from the Experts

It can take a lifetime to really master doing your makeup. Your look can evolve as you get older, and there are certain things you keep practicing but can't seem to get down. You might even give up on some things because you just can't seem to get them right. If you want to be able to do your makeup like a professional, learning from the professionals is the best way to go. You can learn a lot from makeup artists who offer different types of makeup, from those working in film and TV to MUAs who do wedding makeup. Try some of these top lessons. 1. Use the Right Tools You can have the best makeup, but it doesn't mean much if your tools aren't up to scratch. It's worth investing a bit of money in your makeup application tools, from brushes to sponges. You should also pay attention to their condition and replace them when they're starting to deteriorate. The best makeup tools will help you to be more precise, pick up the right amount of product, and make sure you don…

Chirk Castle

If you ever find yourself in North Wales and stuck for something to do, I really couldn't recommend Chirk Castle enough. A medieval fortress near Wrexham rich with history and some of the most beautiful furnishings and gardens I think I have ever seen. Its part of the National Trust, so if you're a member you get in for free, if not, its only £12.20 to get in and view the house and picturesque gardens.  I'm a big history geek so I was in my element walking around such a historically rich building and every room was just beautiful from the original furnishings to the hand painted ceilings.  Unlike most castles, that are just ruins, Chirk Castle is actually still fully in tact and theres so much to explore. As I said the gardens alone are just beautiful and over look North Wales. Sadly I went on quite a gloomy day but even still it was just beautiful to walk around. From looking on their website lots of events seem to occur here as well including walks, half marathons and g…

July Blog Updates

If you're a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed I had a little re-design over the last week. I'm still not 100% with it but its getting there. In fact if anyone can recommend anywhere that does really cute blogger designs then holla at me because I only ever use the ones from Blogger and they just don't cut it sometimes.  I think its good to not let a blog go stale and try new things. I'm the type of person who gets bored very easy and likes to change my surroundings and I treat my blog is the same. 

Some other new things are I now have a 'Shop My Wardrobe' section at the top of my blog, you can click here to see it. Instead of doing 'Wishlists' I'm kind of just putting it all there and updating it as much as humanly possible with bits I'm either lusting after of things I've actually bought.

Also I've started a section Insta page called 'What I Have Worn' and it kinda does what it says in the title. Its just a page full o…

My ASOS Summer Sale Picks

Its sale season and there are so many great finds out there at the moment. I shared a post earlier about Topshop's amazing sale which you can read here and I also shared a few tips I have for making the most out of sale pieces. Below are some of my favourite picks from ASOS mid summer sale and you can access their sale here

£20 And Under