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15 Jumpers You Need To Buy Right Now

Autumn is coming/kinda here already. Anyone who knows me knows autumn is my favourite of all the seasons, I love autumn tv (as mentioned in this post here), I love autumn foods and I love autumn fashion. Of all the autumn fashion I especially love jumpers. I would much rather be cold and shove loads of layers on than be hot and try to cool down. You can probably tell I was not a fan of the many heatwaves this summer. 
So here are 15 of the jumpers I'm loving this season so far. 

1.  New Look- £19.99

2. Boohoo- £20

3. ASOS-£19.50

4. ASOS- £12.99

5. New Look- £17.99

6. Boohoo- £15

7. New Look- £24.99

8. Pull and Bear- £12.99

9. Topshop- £29

10. ASOS- £19.50

11. ASOS- £25

12. River Island- £30

13. Oasis-£28

14. Missguided- £22

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