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Things To Watch Right Now- October 2018

I moved house at the beginning of this month (as mentioned in this post here) and pretty much all I have done since then is sit on my ass and watch tv. Which if you watch my insta-stories will come as no surprise. And there have been so many good things to watch over the last few months. Like TV is really stepping its game up. If none of the things in this post take your fancy then check out
September's post, August's post part 1, and August's post part 2 here.

This is Us
This is one of those shows that I heard a little bit about in American award shows etc but I feel like in England its not that raved about. I don't know anyone else who has watched this show but it is so bloody good. Not a lot of shows make me cry, and not a lot of shows make me cry from the first episode. I blubbed like a baby at the end of episode 1.
This is Us is about family and a group of people who all share the same birthday and the dynamics and challenges from that. It's also funny and all …

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